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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Squarespace tips, tricks, and time savers

This guide offers some professional shortcuts and insider tips to building beautiful websites on Squarespace.


Enjoy a flexible trial

All new sites come with a free two-week trial period. Building sites for clients can sometimes take longer, which is why Circle members get extended six-month trials. Until you’re eligible to join, here’s a tip: contact Customer Care for a free extension—no questions asked.

Responsive design review

Squarespace templates look great from any device. Use Device View to test a site’s responsive design. Remember:

Check out our Help guide for more on mobile responsiveness.

Duplicate pages to save time

Circle members love duplicating pages, which saves time when creating similarly styled pages in the same site or when creating different versions for client feedback. Note that you can't currently duplicate full Squarespace websites, just pages within them.

Remain the Site Owner until handoff

When building a site for a client, we recommend starting the trial on your account, then transferring ownership permissions to the client after handoff and final payment. This gives you full control to create the site of your client’s dreams and also helps prepare your account for Circle eligibility. (You must have contributor permissions to three or more Squarespace websites on your account to join.)

Wait until the final handoff is done before changing your permissions. Squarespace Customer Care can only discuss private details about a site if you’re listed as an owner or admin.  

Send clients to a free Squarespace webinar

Our Squarespace Community team hosts bi-weekly, one-hour webinars to walk customers through the basics of setting up a site. These sessions are great for new users and clients who want to learn the basics. If you have a client in that category, encourage them to sign up as part of your offboarding process.

Creative uses for Spacer Blocks

One of Circle members’ favorite Squarespace tools is the Spacer Block. It adds a customizable amount of empty space between blocks on pages and blog posts. The Spacer Block can also help you resize images and other blocks. Take a look at how Squarespace professionals use this underrated block.

Image 2018-07-18 at 5.35.05 PM.png

Built-in shortcuts

Squarespace has lots of time-saving shortcuts to help you build beautiful sites in less time. Our favorite is the “/” and “?” shortcut. By pressing “/” or “?” from inside Squarespace you can access any page of the configuration in seconds.

Screen Recording 2018-09-24 at 12.29 PM.gif

Do more, earn more

You can offer additional Squarespace services beyond just building a website to maximize your offering and simplify your clients’ lives. Some Circle members charge more for additional features that take a little more know how, like setting up custom email addresses, managing Squarespace email campaigns, or adding a Mailchimp integration.


A guide to our Guides

The Squarespace Help Center has nearly 1,000 articles and hundreds of videos to educate customers on the power of the platform. We’ve curated a few of our most useful.

Want more?

Our Help Center has over 1000 guides to help you make the most of Squarespace.

Written by Erin Petree

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