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Why should I incorporate Squarespace into my web design or creative business?

1. Squarespace's website builder gives technical and non-technical creative professionals a simple way to expand their services to include website design.

2. Creating websites with Squarespace means that your creative toolkit will expand automatically with each new product release and update.

3. Leaving back-end website work to Squarespace means you'll spend your time creating websites that reflect your clients' brands and achieve their goals.

4. When you create websites for your clients on Squarespace, you’ll be building with a brand that people know and trust.

5. You'll hand projects off with confidence knowing that your clients can manage their websites on their own or with the support of our award-winning Customer Care team. 



Who’s eligible to join Circle?

Circle is open to members of the Squarespace community who have built, or are contributors to, three or more active websites on the platform.

How much does Circle membership cost?

Circle membership is currently free.

I tried to join but I received a “Not yet eligible” message. What happened? 

You may not have three or more active sites linked to your email address. If you think this is a mistake, follow these steps or contact Customer Care

How can I become a Squarespace Authorized Trainer?

All Authorized Trainers must be Circle members. If you are already a Circle member, apply to become an Authorized Trainer here. If you are not, join Circle today to access the application.


Circle benefits

Do Circle members get discounts, referral fees, or other rewards when they build sites for clients?

Circle members receive 20% off annual plans. The discount only applies to the first payment and may not be combined with other offer codes. If your client’s site auto-renews, or if they upgrade or downgrade their plan, they’ll be charged the full price for the next payment. Monthly plans and domains aren’t eligible for this discount. Learn more.

Are Circle members endorsed or accredited by Squarespace?

Circle members are entitled to exclusive benefits, but aren’t endorsed or accredited by Squarespace. While it is fine to mention Circle membership in marketing and client communications, members should not misrepresent themselves as being affiliated with or endorsed by Squarespace.

Are Circle members allowed to use the Squarespace logo or trademarks in their marketing materials?

Circle members have a license to use the Circle badge subject to and as outlined in the Squarespace Circle Terms of Participation, the Circle Logo Guidelines and general Brand Guidelines. However, Circle members don’t have any other special rights or licenses to use Squarespace marks.

How does “optimized care” work?

When Circle members send an email or submit a help ticket to Customer Care using the email address linked to their Circle account, our Advisors will be alerted that they’re working with an experienced user. While the scope of our support will remain the same, this additional context will help us to address your questions more efficiently and effectively.

How long do trials started by Circle members prior to their joining the Circle last?

Trials started prior to joining the Circle receive a two-week trial period. The six-month trial period is applied only to trials started by members after they have joined.



Working with Circle members

Can a Circle member teach me me how to build my own website?

Yes. Some Circle members are also Squarespace Authorized Trainers and provide learning opportunities on a wide variety of Squarespace-related topics to equip anyone to design and manage their online presence. You can find available training sessions and a full directory of Authorized Trainers here

Can I hire a Circle member to make my website for me?

Yes. Tell us about your project and our partners at 99designs, a creative marketplace, will use your brief to find independent Squarespace designers to help with your project.


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