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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Squarespace Email Campaigns

Meet Squarespace Email Campaigns, a tool to improve engagement with your clients’ websites through beautifully branded email layouts. To help you become an Email Campaigns expert, we put together this exclusive guide with all the essentials.


“When I first heard about Campaigns, I was really excited about the possibility of emails that look like Squarespace sites.”

— Erin Michaela, EM Workshop


Product Profile

Squarespace Email Campaigns comes with a bank of useful features. Here’s a breakdown of our favorites.

Time-saving integrations

You and your clients can populate emails with existing site content such as products, blog posts, and social icons, saving time and reducing the chance for errors. Set up automated Welcome emails to greet new subscribers with free content or a rundown of what to expect from future emails. You can even duplicate sections to save time developing your emails.

Differentiated design

Email Campaigns applies decisions that you or your clients have made in their Squarespace website design. This means that emails sent through Email Campaigns maintain visual consistency across the brand. You can still make stylistic edits as needed, including editing images directly in the platform. Check out our Help guide for tips on styling an email campaign even further.


Holistic analytics

Email Campaigns offers insights that pair with your overall website and Commerce analytics in Squarespace. Now you and your clients get an aerial view of the full conversion funnel.


East-to-use layouts

The customizable layouts in Email Campaigns empower your clients to create emails in minutes. Layouts range from thank yous to product launches.


Meaningful mailing lists

Creating and managing mailing lists using the Newsletter Block, Promotional Pop-Ups, and Cover Pages. You can also import your clients’ existing lists with a .csv file.

Centralized insights

View sent emails, drafts, mailing lists, and sender profiles in one convenient place on the Email Campaigns Dashboard. There’s no need to jump across multiple platforms.

Automated touch points

Your clients can automatically send Welcome and Post-Purchase Emails to new subscribers or new customers. This automation let’s you send exclusive content, offer discounts for signing up, and share what subscribers can expect from your emails in the future. You can also schedule ad-hoc emails to go out at specific times so you don’t have to be at your device in order to send the right email at the right time.

Responsive emails

Mobile is now the preferred platform for reading emails. That’s why we make sure all of the communication sent through Email Campaigns is fully responsive and optimized for mobile. Use Device View to see how your emails will look across different channels.


Personalized sender profiles

Sender Profiles let you customize who emails appear from in a subscriber’s inbox, adding a personal touch. This can be your client, their team members, their business name, or any combination of senders. When setting up Email Campaigns for clients, help them optimize their emails by asking if their contacts will know them by their name or brand identity.

Inboxes and beyond

With permalink and view-in-browser features, your audience isn’t limited to viewing emails in their inbox. Share your campaigns on social media or with sponsors and vendors to broaden your audience even more.

Seamless Setup

Access Email Campaigns in the Marketing panel. For help getting started, check out our Help guide.  


Potential Customers

Whether your client runs a personal website or an online store, Email Campaigns can enrich their marketing and brand strategy. Easily add it to any Squarespace subscription; it’s free to draft a campaign and build a mailing list, and clients won’t be charged until they’re ready to send.

One-stop shoppers

New prospects might already have an email or newsletter platform, but if they’re building or updating a website, they’re likely optimizing other parts of their online presence. As part of Squarespace’s all-in-one solution, Email Campaigns makes this process easier by pairing with the new website you make them.

Password fatigue sufferers

Some of your existing clients likely use a third party for email marketing. You can simplify their lives and upgrade their marketing strategy by offering them this holistic approach to email, content management, and analytics. We’ve also teamed up with G Suite by Google to offer custom email addresses. This means your clients can get a custom email address and send marketing emails all through Squarespace without having to fuss with other providers.

At the end of a website build, clients might ask “what next?” You can help them drive traffic to their new website and even to your own portfolio by helping your client draft a beautiful and compelling announcement with Email Campaigns.


Email Template

Here’s a sample email to a client about Squarespace Campaigns. Feel free to use it as a template for your own outreach by customizing the greeting, inserting names, and adding details about your practice.

Subject Line:
Upgrade Your Emails with {your practice’s name} and Squarespace Campaigns

Preview Text: 
Simple, beautiful email campaigns to match your website

Hey, {Client Name}!

As a Squarespace Circle member, I get alerted about brand new features and products. Squarespace recently launched a new one that made me think of you! Here are some details I think you’ll like.

Email Campaigns is an marketing tool that integrates with your website content, design, and analytics. It’s a simple, beautiful way to stay in touch with your audience without needing any third-party software.

With Squarespace Email Campaigns you get:

  • Design-focused email layouts that apply your website branding Simplicity and speed, making it easy to launch impactful emails in minutes

  • Automated Welcome emails that you can customize to greet your new subscribers

  • Content integrations that help you pull directly from your site, saving time and avoiding mistakes

  • Fully responsive email layouts that are optimized for mobile

  • Analytics that pair with your website and Commerce data so you have a holistic view of your conversion funnel

Let’s connect this week to talk about this email solution!

{Your name}

{Your phone number}
{Your email address}


Want more?

For information about pricinggetting started, and FAQ, visit these Squarespace Help Guides or join the peer discussion in the Circle forum.

Written by Tony Syros

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