Join the Circle

The Circle supports the community of creatives, developers, and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients.

Who is eligible to join the Circle?

Squarespace Circle is open to members of the Squarespace community who have built, or are contributors to three or more active websites on the platform. Register here.

Are Circle members endorsed or accredited by Squarespace?

Members of the Circle are entitled to exclusive benefits, but are not endorsed or accredited by Squarespace. While it is fine to mention Circle membership in marketing and client communications, members should not misrepresent themselves as being affiliated with or endorsed by Squarespace.

Are Circle members allowed to use the Squarespace logo or trademarks in their marketing materials?

Circle members do not have rights or licenses to use Squarespace Marks, other than as described in our Trademark Usage terms and the Squarespace Circle Terms of Participation.

Do Circle members get discounts, referral fees, or other rewards when they build sites for clients?

The Circle will grow and evolve along with our community but, for now, membership does not include financial incentives or discounts.

How does “optimized care” work?

When Circle members send an email or submit a help ticket to Customer Care, our Advisors will be alerted that they are working with an experienced user. While the scope of our support will remain the same, this additional context will help us to address members’ questions more efficiently and effectively. Please note that optimized care is not available through live chat.

What happens to trials started by Circle members prior to their joining the Circle?

Trials started prior to joining the Circle receive a two-week trial period. The six-month trial period is applied only to trials started by members after they have joined.

For all feedback including feature requests, workflow suggestions, blog feature ideas, or other contributions, please submit ideas here. For all product inquiries please contact Customer Care.