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Friday, July 5, 2019

Squarespace Marketplace Part 3: Client Management

Working within a marketplace has its own nuances compared to receiving clients through your website or other lead sources. Here are some tips to working with clients in 99designs.


Project fit

Instead of investing in every single lead equally, learn how to qualify your leads so you protect your time. Consider these project and client dimensions:

  • Project complexity

  • Squarespace fit

  • Budget

You may be able to judge directly from the brief. If not, consider jumping on the phone to chat.  

Client fit

Each client has a different set of needs and expectations. Your workflow and expertise will be a perfect fit for some but may not be right for every client. When deciding whether to engage or provide a quote, consider:

  • Is the client’s industry right for your expertise?

  • Would you be excited to have this finished site in your portfolio?

  • Does the client have a very specific idea in mind, or do they want to give you creative liberty? 


Explore different prices

Some Experts have success by sending quotes based on an hourly rate, rather than a full project cost. This might not be the right fit for you, but the point is to try different pricing structures to find what resonates with clients and works for you operationally. 

Make a connection

Even though clients are using tech to find you, they’re still looking for a human experience. Refrain from sending a quote as your first interaction. Instead, review the brief and ask a few clarifying questions. Experts have found this effort increases client responses. 


Use macros

To save time on project admin, create a few canned responses or email templates you can easily edit to add a personal touch to your operations. Here are some macro ideas:

  • Good fit

    • Follow-up 1: Ask questions about their project, and explain how to book a call

    • Follow-up 2: About you, your business, and your creative process

  • Poor fit 

    • Too busy / not a good fit

    • Not a good fit for Squarespace (“I want to build Uber for pets”)

  • General:

    • Project cancellation (if client hasn’t responded in x days)

    • How to accept quotes and pay

    • How to release payments

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Learn about working in Squarespace Marketplace:

Written by Erin Petree

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