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Friday, July 5, 2019

Squarespace Marketplace Part 4: Increasing Your Visibility

Apart from a complete 12-project profile, there are other ways to increase the likelihood that your profile is surfaced in client searches.


Log in

Similar to the number of complete projects, logging into 99designs shows you’re invested in the program and in finding client work, which helps how you rank.


Your responsiveness score is the percentage of project invitations you respond to within the first 24 hours. Keep in mind this means first response (sending a message, declining the project, or sending a quote). If you’re not into the project, send a message and decline — it’s a better experience than keeping them waiting.

Complete Projects

The more projects you complete within the Squarespace Marketplace, the more of an active participator you’ll seem — boosting your standing in searches. If you aren’t finding any major projects that strike your fancy, try a few smaller projects in your desired industries to boost this aspect of your profile. 

Also, be sure to keep projects and their associated payments on the platform. Taking clients off 99designs is against their terms of use and circumventing the process could be grounds for removal (learn more).

Written by Erin Petree

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