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Elwyn Davies


Elwyn is a Wales-based web designer and founder of PixelHaze. He builds sites for rural businesses on a budget, and uses workshops to empower those clients to continue growing their online presence.

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Maggie McNeil

Web presence strategist

Maggie is the founder of M-Power Studio, a design and online presence management business. She helps artists, performers, and small business owners take control of their online presence and focuses on empowering women in the design and tech spaces.

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Aylin Marie

Web designer

Aylin is a front-end developer and blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia. She works with social good companies and entrepreneurs to help launch their digital presence through Squarespace.

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Ben Manley

Web design agency

Ben is the founder of Knapsack Creative, a web design agency based in Lynchburg, Virginia. He and his team have built hundreds of client websites on Squarespace.

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Chelsea Kardokus

Art director

Chelsea is a Washington D.C.-based art director, web designer, Authorized Trainer, and the founder of 23&9 Creative, a web design company that brings women-run small businesses to life. She helps her clients’ brands shine by creating functional, beautiful, easy-to-use sites.

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Chelsea Matthews

Branding studio

Chelsea is the founder and creative director of Another, a creative agency based in Los Angeles, California. Her team helps companies develop and tell their brand stories.

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Creative Squeeze

Digital media agency

Creative Squeeze is a boutique digital media agency with an emphasis on branding, graphic design, web development, videography, and photography. They help businesse look their best by creating visuals that connect brands with their ideal customers.

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Dave Bias

Independent creative

Dave is a multidisciplinary creative based in Brooklyn, New York. He helps individuals and businesses from diverse industries build an online presence with Squarespace.

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David Iskander


David is a digital entrepreneur and orphan care activist based in Orange County, California. His work centers around the idea that “busy is not good,” so he helps businesses run profitably while creating time and space, and removing excess.

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Web design company

Kathleen and Richard are the husband-and-wife duo behind Designstaq, a web design company that enables entrepreneurship by helping small businesses access high-quality design talent at an affordable price.

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Joanne Tapodi

Graphic designer

Joanne is a graphic designer, web designer, and Authorized Squarespace Trainer based in Perth, Western Australia. She helps her clients tell their visual story by developing everything from logos to websites, and teaching them to own their online presence.

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Karl Patton

Web developer

Karl is a web developer, graphic designer, and Circle Forum leader based in Ottawa, Ontario. He founded Minimist Web Design and helps brands showcase their passions and stories through thoughtful website design.

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UX designer

Puno is a UX designer, art director, and Authorized Squarespace Trainer based in Los Angeles, California. She’s also the founder of ilovecreatives, a hybrid toolkit offering classifieds, profiles, courses and other tools to help creatives connect and create.

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Sara Graham

Content creator

Sara is a content creator and the founder of EngageTaste, a marketing agency based in St. Louis, Missouri. She offers a suite of professional services, including website design, copywriting, digital marketing, and graphic design.

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Yian Quach

Visual creative

Yian is a visual creative, web designer, and the founder of House Digital, a design company that builds visual brands for interior designers. Yian helps his clients build a better business by building a better website.

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