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Aylin Marie

Web designer

Aylin is a front-end developer and blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia. She works with social good companies and entrepreneurs to help launch their digital presence through Squarespace.

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Ben Manley

Web design agency

Ben is the founder of Knapsack Creative, a web design agency based in Lynchburg, Virginia. He and his team have built hundreds of client websites on Squarespace.

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Chelsea Matthews

Branding studio

Chelsea is the founder and creative director of Matte Black, a creative agency based in Los Angeles, California. Her team helps companies develop and tell their brand stories.

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Dave Bias

Independent creative

Dave is a multidisciplinary creative based in Brooklyn, New York. He helps individuals and businesses from diverse industries build an online presence with Squarespace.

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Sara Graham

Content creator

Sara is a content creator and the founder of EngageTaste, a marketing agency based in St. Louis, Missouri. She offers a suite of professional services, including website design, copywriting, digital marketing, and graphic design.

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