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Creative Squeeze

Elvis, CP, and Kenni are the guys behind Creative Squeeze, a boutique digital media agency with an emphasis on branding, graphic design, web development, videography, and photography. They help businesses look their best by creating visuals that connect brands with their ideal customers.

Circle: How did you start using Squarespace?
Creative Squeeze: Back in 2012, when we first started getting into web design and development as a business, we had very basic knowledge of development and coding. We didn't spend very long inside of Squarespace before recognizing its ability to create a professional result with minimal coding knowledge. Six years later, our development chops have grown, and combined with Squarespace's design-friendly templates, it has proven to be an invaluable tool for us that we use daily.

Circle: Why do you work with Squarespace over some other platforms?
Creative Squeeze: The templates that Squarespace offers as starting points are some of the best out there. Their user experience is clean, intuitive, and easy to understand with minimal learning curve. Plus, the fact that they have solid customer support is a huge plus. Squarespace simply allows us to deliver results quickly and efficiently, and our clients appreciate that.

Circle: How did you find your niche in your industry?
Creative Squeeze: People are always pleasantly surprised at the quality of work and the amount of work we are able to get done with such a small team. Between the three of us we cover 5 major categories that most of our projects fall into: branding, graphics, web, photo and video. This really allows us to hone in on our competitive advantage, which is the ability to understand the big picture of what we're creating since often times we're in charge of creating the assets and materials that need to go into the website as well.

Circle: How do you use the Circle Forum?
Creative Squeeze: The Forum is a great place to see other people's solutions to pain points or issues that you might be having. It is a good tool if you are trying to problem solve.

Circle: What’s your favorite Circle perk?
Creative Squeeze: Definitely the extended free-trials! They give us an opportunity to complete projects for our clients without having to put any funds upfront for hosting. It really comes in handy for projects that span several months.

Squarespace simply allows us to deliver results quickly and efficiently, and our clients appreciate that.

Circle: How has your personal life changed since joining Squarespace Circle?
Creative Squeeze: All of our team is pretty much introverted. But as a result of joining Squarespace Circle and participating in a recent in-person event, it gave us an opportunity to break out of our shells, nerd out, and talk about what we love with other like-minded people. Being a part of a community of like-minded designers that are as passionate about Squarespace as we are is really refreshing and helps us feel less like we're alone.

Circle: What’s the most unique website you’ve built so far?
Creative Squeeze: It's probably a website we are working on right now with a company that has a very unique business model. Naturally, we tried to find ways to make their web presence unique with custom illustrations and animations.

Circle: What work are you most proud of?
Creative Squeeze: We always have the most fun on projects that give us the maximum amount of autonomy for us to do our thing. Some clients are more demanding and particular than others, and we find that the projects we are most proud of all have the common theme of the client putting complete trust in us to do what we feel is best for them.

Circle: What’s the role of customer care in your business?
Creative Squeeze: Since we are primarily service-based, customer care is paramount to our success. We do our best to give clients the best experience all the way from onboarding to offboarding. Usually when we have questions we want answered, we hop on a Squarespace Support chat to get quick answers. If we are relaying those answers to a client, it makes us look professional in their eyes considering we were able to answer their question fast and accurately. Squarespace's support helps us look good.

Circle: How does Squarespace help you stand out in your field?
Creative Squeeze: Squarespace has really helped us be able to deliver a lot for a client with minimal custom development. One of the biggest factors that helps us land projects is when we explain to potential clients that they will be able to save money maintaining and updating their own site after we are done building it for them. People love flexibility, and people love saving money so often times it's a no brainer for them. Also, since we are experts inside of Squarespace, clients are excited at the prospect of getting their projects done faster than a custom website from scratch or from another platform.

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