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Sara Graham

Sara is a content creator and the founder of EngageTaste, a marketing agency based in St. Louis, Missouri. She offers a suite of professional services, including website design, copywriting, digital marketing, and graphic design.

Circle: What made you choose Squarespace for this business you’ve created?
Sara: Well, I started with Squarespace on my own for a different company of mine about 10 years ago. When I started working with other people, I immediately knew Squarespace was going to be for them. It's always been a really simple, beautiful, easy-to-use tool that is constantly refreshing, always on top of the latest technology.

C: How do you manage your time when you’re doing so much – writing, consultancy, web design, training?
S: The virtual nature of my work allows me to work anywhere, as long as I have an internet connection. Squarespace’s cloud-based platform allows me to design anywhere and on my own schedule.

C: What’s your favorite Circle perk?
S: I think the thing I like about the Circle the most is periodic email updates with new releases and new technology integrations. These are often a few days or a week in advance of public announcements. So this is something that I can bring back to my clients and add further value, something that is probably going to help their business out that they didn't know about previously.

C: What about Squarespace made you decide to build your practice around this platform?
S: Squarespace is gorgeous and powerful right out “of the box”. But, it’s also highly customizable – through the platform, itself, but also through its ability to accommodate code for a truly customized result. I’ve tested most of the other web-building platforms on the market over the years and nothing has ever been as simple, beautiful and powerful. What really sets this tool apart from the rest for me, however, is its extremely attentive customer service, available 24/7. There is no worry that something will break or a bug won’t be addressed right away. Squarespace has your back.

My Circle membership has lent a critical degree of credibility and resources that have supported my success.

C: What’s your favorite part about Squarespace?
S: I find the most important feature of Squarespace is that it is continuously being updated in the background – there’s no need to constantly log in and check the status of plugins; everything is taken care of. It’s also an incredible value for all that you get – there are so many integrations and more being introduced every year.

C: What kind of business results have you seen over your time in Circle?
S: My business has grown exponentially in the past year. I am confident that my Circle membership has lent a critical degree of credibility and resources that have supported my success.

C: What would you tell your former self to do differently?
S: I only wish I had found Squarespace sooner and not toiled with other platforms for so long!

C: What does it mean to you that Squarespace is fostering and supporting a creative professional community?
S: Any company that seeks to understand and learn from its customers is ahead of the curve. Not only is Squarespace providing extra value to its clientele, it is also gaining valuable insights into how to best improve its offerings and grow the business.

Special thanks to Sara for sharing her story.
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